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Your sponsorship, especially long-term sponsorship, will help us break through the CCP’s economic siege and suppression of the Epoch Times, allowing us to sustain the company’s long term development such as talent recruitment, equipment investment and other aspects.  Help more people read Epoch Times and get the truth.

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Remarks: If you want to make a HK$20,000+ ads sponsorship, please email us indicating whether you will pay by credit card or PayPal. Then we will send you the invoice and payment link (PayPal or credit card) accordingly.

Q: Is the online payment safe?
A: We will ensure the security of online sponsorship and manage your personal information properly. In order to protect the security of the sponsors' information, the protective measures we have taken include:
* The website is encrypted. When the Epoch Times website sponsorship function is used, all personal and sponsorship data transmission will be encrypted.

* When you use a credit card to pay, we will not access your credit card information directly, instead the third-party payment gateway authorized by our company is used. The gateway will handle your data according to the payment card industry data security standards (Payment Card Industry Compliance).

Q: If I am an overseas credit card holder, can I pay by Hong Kong dollars?
A: For non-local online payments, your credit card or PayPal will automatically process as the foreign currency transaction.

 Q: Will I receive the receipt for the successful payment? What can I do if the receipt is not received or lost?
A: If the online payment via credit card or PayPal is successful, the system will automatically send you the receipt. If it is not received or lost, please
email us for inquiries .

Q: In addition to online credit card payment, is there any other payment methods?
You can also sponsor us by bank transfer or mailing cheques. Please
email us for more information .
Note: Only Hong Kong dollar cheque is acceptable, please do not send cash by post.

Q: How will sponsorship advertisements be published?
Your sponsorship ads will be published anonymously at Hong Kong Epoch Times newspaper, and we will send you the email notification and ePaper link at that time.

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